The ENGINEERING COUNCIL 0F SOUTH AFRICA (ECSA) have three levels of registration for the fire industry under the “Specialised Category” section.

  • Fire Systems Practitioner – Fire Detection
  • Fire Systems Practitioner - Fixed Gaseous Extinguishing
  • Fire Systems Practitioner – Water based Systems

These levels have been finalised and have been available for a while, we recommend persons that been working in the fire industry for some time should consider registering.

The application forms are very comprehensive and can be confusing in parts which has put off many people in the past. The FSIB have provided a breakdown of the form into sections to make them easier to understand. Our info is primarily for fire detection but can be used for registering for any Fire Practitioner registration.



Why should I register with ECSA?

Many people working in the fire industry did not come through a university education in Engineering and therefore could never register as “Engineers” but their experience gained over many years in the industry have provided them specialised knowledge. Many have registered with the SAQCC Fire and have attended training courses to reach ‘designer’ level but have no further path in their career.

SAQCC designers have conducted some very complex designs in the past and are unable to sign the Form 3 document in SANS 10400 building regulations as it requires an ECSA registration number.

The industry has been in consultation for over 15 years to recognise “FIRE” as an engineering discipline. This has now been achieved.

Often the building developers and fire departments call for an ECSA engineer to conduct the fire system design and must result to electrical or mechanical consulting engineers taking on the task that they are not always competent in.  You can now be recognised as an ECSA registered fire engineer and legally sign the form 3’s.

Up your marketability and be recognised locally and internationally with an ECSA registration.

Gain recognition from your peers in the industry and show you are at the top of your game by taking time to wade through the various forms aided by the FSIB.



What qualifications do I need?

There are no laid rules of qualification requirements, your expertise, service in the industry, courses attended, and general experience can get you through. Your application is examined by experts of the industry as well as ECSA staff to determine your suitability for registration.

You must have had at least three years working in your industry sector at a high level.

Registration at designer level at SAQCC Fire will certainly add to your chances of being registered.

You have get a referral to register at ECSA, three referees are required, one should already be registered at ECSA.



How much does it cost?

ECSA change their fees on an annual basis and at time of developing this the fees are not known. There are contact numbers in the application form you must contact to get the current rate.


What do I do next?

Download the ECSA application form from the ECSA web site – Register -Apply for registration

Use the forms on this site in the order 1 – 12 as a reference to completing each section of the document. Work through sheets 1 to 12 one at a time as and when it suits you.

Some sections have an instruction page preceding the actual document. Read these pages carefully to interpret the requirements of ECSA.

We have added notes to try and simplify the requirements.

Once you have completed each section take a break before completing the next. This may take as long as a month to complete.

When all done this document may be very large, submit it to ECSA by hand or courier.



Should you need assistance email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use WhatsApp to message.