This section requires you to pick a recent project you were instrumental in and what your role was.

Use this form to report in about 100 words per competency indicator (criterion) under Outcomes 1 to 11 below on a recent engineering task, part of a project or complete project to which the applicant have made a significant contribution. The report may cover conceptualization, design and analysis, specification, tendering and adjudication, manufacturing, project and construction management, commissioning, maintenance, measurement and testing or planning at a specifically-defined level. Please also provide a sample relevant calculations, drawings, etc. as an addendum which is limited to two A4 pages.

The report requires you to show how you approached the task, engineering logic used and the method you used to solve any problems.

You must attach proof or your work via drawings, calculations. Limit this attachment to two pages if possible.

Some of the outcomes may not be applicable or hard to define, if so insert “Not applicable”

For further explanation of what is required in the outcomes 1 -11 go to the ECSA web site and go to documents under Fire protection practitioner and open document R-05-FPSP-SC turn to page 35. This may help you with further explanation.

Click on the image below to access the document: