The importance of fire system logbooks is often overlooked.

The logbook is there as a record and history of the fire system performance. It helps to assist in finding re-occurring problems so they can be easily identified and rectified.

You religiously update your vehicle logbook, why not the fire system logbook?

It is a requirement of all the national standards for a system logbook to be supplied by the contractor for every installation he installs.

The logbook provides information of the client, the contractor, the maintenance company, and the equipment installed on site. Here we can find the category of system that is installed, and any non-compliances or variations allowed by the designer.

The composition and production of a logbook for every system is a tedious task for the contractor. FSIB FIRE SYSTEMS come to your rescue. We have provided an updated format logbook for both fire detection and gas suppression.


Visit and download free system logbooks using the following links: